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You may not realize it but many of our actions tend to follow a pre-programmed thinking process. For instance, someone throws a fist. What do you do? You automatically duck before even thinking.

Now on the macro view, we approach challenges with certain mental scripts that ‘supposedly’ mitigate the obstruction in the shortest possible way.

Let’s use a more familiar term. Mindset.

You I, everyone operates from an almost permanent mindset that launches responses that may be optimal in some cases, but destructive in others.

Do some of these mindsets sound like you?

Do you feel best when you have lots of people around you? Do you enjoy making new relationships and keeping old ones fresh? Do you have many friends, yet are always adding more? Do others see you as more of a social animal than most? If so, your mental habits have probably become set in a Relationship-oriented pattern. You’ll spot all the human, relationship-based aspects of a situation easily. Other aspects may be much harder for you to see without concentrated effort.

Do you prize fairness? Does injustice and hypocrisy make you angry? Are you naturally drawn to good causes? Do those who know you well see you as the kind of person who feels high standards of behavior are critical? If so, your typical mode of thought probably lies in an Ethics-oriented direction. In any situation, you’ll jump right away to noticing what’s fair and what isn’t. That may grab your emotions so completely that you become almost blind to anything else.

Are you an active go-getter? Do you prefer less talk and more action? Are you driven by the need to succeed and the sense of satisfaction that comes with reaching your goals? People like you gravitate towards fast-moving roles with clear objectives and challenges to be overcome. Their natural thought pattern is Achievement-oriented and focuses on what can be done right away. Putting nearly all their attention on that often obscures anything else that won’t lead quickly to action of some kind.

Mindsets are neither good nor bad. They can produce beautifully for career but stump you in relationships. It’s critical to know when they serve you well.


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