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Search Manipulator : A Good Rep for Pennies

Quick. As a business or professional, what’s your most valuable asset?

Buildings?  Nah.

Equipment? No.

People? Maybe… but not dice.

Your core asset is your reputation. You gain clients and build networks upon a solid reputation. Negative buzz- whether on the paper or the web – can sink your ship faster than any firetrap of a building you may own. Success demands the good word, all the more so now that the internet had been commoditized. Anyone can get on the web and google your name or business. You can have 1000 positive reviews but if three or four nasty ones come up, faith in you is shaken. It’s for this reason that more and more individuals need reputation management services. And this is where comes in.

This is not a paid review of This is an article of an individual well versed in SEO and online marketing, yet plagued with the occasional internet crud that links to pirated copies of his work.  I stumbled across after trying all manner of SEO to bury the offending pages but failed. This company and it’s closest rival, promised the same result: clearing up the web of vexing articles by burying them under high ranking sites that carry the same keywords (like your name).

On SearchManipulator’s site, the front page asserts:

Due to a revolutionary new program, SearchManipulator can fix your online reputation for an unmatched $29.95! We can set up 40-65 positive and high-ranking websites for individuals or businesses, that will suppress a negative website and promote positive ones.      


I’ve found that to be accurate. Paying $29.95 to this company gave me access to a very unique wizard-driven software that lets me populate several high rank sites with data that swamps, overwhelms and destroys most antagonistic articles carrying the same words. Positive outcome began manifesting two days after the campaign. It’s quite startling considering that the offending articles existed for quite a few years. The balm that provides eases out those black smears in under a week.

From the velocity of progress with this software, I feel that anyone can use this system to push any negative feedback to at least the fifth page of google. Yes it’s still there, but how many users would go that far. Twenty Nine bucks buys you a good rap. And that gets you clients. isn’t the only player in this market. There are others. I’ve visited the site of but found their prices outrageous. What SM does for under 30 bucks, or Reputationdefender would do for over $300. There’s no cost effectiveness there.

I’m still in the process of trying out the software. I feel it works not just for reputation cleansing but also true search manipulation for other forms of web marketing. Whoever founded this service is a genius.

Have you tried What do you think?

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