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Regus Virtual Office- Makes Me Look Like a Million Bucks?

I’ve run several businesses on the side, with each one operating out of small rented spaces. My problem is that I don’t have the capital to acquire commercial spaces. I prefer my rent below $500, which means residential addresses. That certainly detracts from business. Hey, would clients like to deal with a fella working at an address like “62 Pines Drive, Hillcrest Subdivision, CA”

It’s a long shot.

My buddies often suggested checking out those virtual offices to add a certain level of professionalism. These are the services that give you a mailbox, address, and even secretary to field call. I resisted at first. How professional can I get with hundreds of other enterprises registered at the same address, right? It didn’t make sense.

Yesterday, however, I felt thoroughly embarrassed when a caller at one of my “residential offices” asked, don’t you have a proper business location? I practically crawled into my shell. Sure, I made over $20,000 a month from my combined businesses and that should have given me some confidence. But to get a comment like that got me thinking. Perhaps I should bite the bullet and rent some commercial grade space. Or perhaps take the services of some of those virtual offices like Regus.

Have any of you ever tried Regus as a virtual office provider? How about their competitors. What are your insights…? Do they really help boost the credibility of your business?

Let me know. I’m seriously considering a virtual office these days

(Shameless reviews is run out of a semi-commercial/semi-residential establishment. In other words- a condo.)

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One Response to 'Regus Virtual Office- Makes Me Look Like a Million Bucks?'

  1. Christopher Austin - April 6th, 2011 at 9:14 am

    I’ve seen television commercials about these virtual offices lately here in Tampa, Florida – and I’ve wondered how they are. I’d also be very interested in knowing others’ experiences with this type of office environment. Can you rent for shorter periods of time?

    I’m also wondering if an 800 number, a PO Box and a hotel conference room would be just as effective!


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