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Safe Online Shopping

Christmas  shopping via the web saves you gas and frees you from the rough and tumble of the crowds at Macy’s. It’s a real comfort to point, click, and get deliveries right at your door.  However there are  potential dangers to your identity and credit records when you skip the physical mall.

Consider the following vulnerabilities when you go online to get your goods:

Email Danger: E-mail is great. It’s like telepathy. In a flash, you’ll know what your kids on the opposite side of the continent would want. But not everything in your inbox is holy and cute, though. You may find viruses, spyware programs, fraudulent “phishing” messages, and other nasty stuff miscreants use to ruin your holiday cheer. How can you stay safe? Avoid attachments from unknown correspondents.Even attachments from pals may be suspect unless you’re absolutely sure the message is valid. An evil sender may pretend to be your friend and fire you a mail that carries viruses or steals your cards . If you get a message touting an online sale at an e-merchant you patronize or warning about trouble with an existing financial account, don’t click any links. Any mail that solicits for access data is deadly!

Fake Sites.  Watch where you surf! You may have attempted to access, but typed in Instead. Hackers like setting up fake sites using commonly mispelled words. That way, the visitor is suckered into yielding credit cards for nothing.

Ordering Without The Padlock. When you reach the checkout, do you see the padlock? No? Then don’t buy. Anything you transmit is unencrypted. Someone may steal the data you send. Do you want to risk the credit limit on your Platinum card? I thought so.

Be safe while shopping online. It can save you from a heart a1tta1ck

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  1. kennel dog - December 3rd, 2009 at 9:47 am

    I have bought many, many things over the internet and never had a problem. Delivery will depend on what site you bought it from. I’ve had it take as long as 3-4 weeks for delivery, and I’ve had it take as little as 3 days.

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