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Scam or The Real Deal?

Affiliate X Review: Online Money Scam?

Or the real deal.affxjpeg

You’re here because you’re tempted to buy Affiliate X- but something’s nagging you there’s something’s amiss. Am I right? I’ll save you the frustration with my no-holds barred review of Affiliate X.

Let’s get one thing out of the way. You’ve no doubt read scores of reviews on Affiliate X. I’m betting my hat 95% of them gave glowing feedback. But did they really say anything in depth other than what’s already on the actual sales page of the official site?

Many of these “reviewers”  are no doubt affiliated with the company. They’ve been hired to spread the Buzz. Some, on the other hand, may be mere affiliates who never even tried the product, but want to earn a commission selling it to you.

Enough of the bullcrap. I won’t insult your intelligence by doing the same…

The BOTTOMLINE IS: It is a long shot to get an unbiased review  as the only thing most people are interested in is getting your to buy the product so they earn some commissions…

Let’s skip the hard sell nonsense and get straight to the point.

What is Affiliate X?

I’m not sure if you have ever heard of Chris X before… If you haven’,t he is regarded in the industry as a mega affiliate marketer. He’s created Affiliate X and amazing products that have sold like crazy- and was so good, he actually created an army of millionaires applying his tactics.

Chris X Wasn’t Always The Good Guy

But don’t let his massive success blind you. Chris has created a few products  that were considered borderline scam, like his DayJobKiller. In that system, he made money in a book that convinced buyers that the best way to make money was to sell his book. Talk about pulling the wool over the customer’s eyes! I purchased Day Job Killer and two days later demanded my money back. He did.

After the Day Job Killer fiasco, Chris released a few more products that uncovered solid techniques of dominating the affiliate marketing game. He taught techniques like modifying on the moves of smart affiliates and  scattering PDFs with affiliate payloads. I had no complaints with these successors, and they worked well- making me almost $10,000 in the process.

Then Chris X went off the grid for a year and suddenly returned to the market just this month, Oct 2009.  With him was the Affiliate X system…

Chris X then made a stupendous announcement by revealing exactly how much money he made the past year with the Affiliate X system. It was his ultimate proof of concept for the new product. More importantly, Chris X appears to have taken notice of previous problems customer have had with his past products and evolved it to a real working tool for cash generation online.

What Affiliate X Did For Me

Affiliate X is a masterpiece. It reworked the entire battleplan used by affiliate marketers in their bid to make money online.  The system does not consist only of ebooks, but also videos and hard core software tools accessible to paid members. Combined, they’re far worth their weight in gold.

I spent $67 for the course. It’s a hefty price; but what I got in return was breath taking.

  • As a teaser, I got at least 5 Affiliate X ebooks that taught 4 different attack avenues to generate money online. One method described how to use twitter to generate at least $200 a day via twitter. Another (and my favorite), revealed how to execute Adwords campaigns using only ONE key phrase with the aim of generating 50% clickthrough and almost 100% sales per click. That technique was counterintuitive and hopelessly illogical… but I made $680 in a single evening implementing it. I haven’t counted the succeeding earnings yet.
  • Informative videos followed the ebooks. I consider myself a jaded internet marketer, but what I learned from these videos blew my mind. One technique showed me how I can create a tidal wave of traffic through quick and dirty SEO without even using adwords. I now have 4 new pages built on this method and already I have visitors coming in.
  • The real sucker punch comes from the million dollar tools I accessed from a password protected site. The tools analyzed Clickbank Marketplace in real time and informed me of upcoming rising stars- those which I should promote before others jump in. It also creates optimized selling pages on the fly. I felt spoon fed. It was that easy to make money online with Affiliate X.

So did It Work? Will it work for the average Joe and not just demigods like Chris X?

I believe the program is the final say in the affiliate marketing game.  Affiliate X is the first software of it’s kind integrating the power of Google, Clickbank and Twitter.  Affiliate X changes the whole ballgame.

I loved the fact that Chris X didn’t just sell a system of ebooks. His package got me access to software that literally goes out into the field and finds profitable campaigns for me before any one else. He actually sold me foresight and marketing intuition.

You may be a newbie or an expert at affiliate marketing. It doesn’t matter. Chris X programmed the entire system to appeal to both markets. Even if you know didly squat about PPC, Adwords or hoplinks, the Affiliate X array of tools can get you hitting the ground running.

To date, I’ve already made $4708 on a few campaigns aided by the Affiliate X tools. That’s despite my low participation. Imagine if had spent more time.

My recommendation is unconditional. Get Affiliate X – and make your first million this year!

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7 Responses to 'Affiliate X Review: Online Money Scam?'

  1. Build Muscle Mass | BodyBuilding Central - November 7th, 2009 at 10:44 am

    [...] Affiliate X: Scam or Money Maker? | No Bullshit Reviews [...]

  2. RHONDA - October 1st, 2010 at 1:23 pm

    thank goodness someone gives a review that has actually purchased the product and used it.. I purchased it last night and I’m amazed at all of the strategies and tools included…Yes it’s a little pricey but it’s worth it just to finally learn some tactics that work… I’ve read some other reviews and they didn’t some close to describing what’s included in this course…Again thanks for your review.. I most certainly recommend this course for anyone looking to get the real knowledge of what it takes to be come a super affiliate..

  3. John Houston - December 24th, 2010 at 2:37 pm

    I purchased this product and have send 3 emails to support about the promised free traffic, having submitted the information to Affiliate X I was told that traffic would be sent within 48 hours, that was 3 weeks ago and further emails I sent got no reply.

    I am now about to complete my first month with this and have spent a lot of time and effort updating my site and promoting it as best as I can.

    The sales page sounds good but this is nothing short of another scam which cannot fulfil its promises, my next move is back to clickbank for a refund.

  4. John Houston - January 10th, 2011 at 4:00 pm

    Free traffic was enabled on my site and over a period of 3 weeks I got 4 visits, you will not make any money with this, I have cancelled and got full refund through clickbank.

    If it shows those crazy payment receipts that most of these conmen use, best avoid as they are normally false and something that almost anyone can’t create

  5. John Houston - January 15th, 2011 at 4:04 am


    How can you name this page “NO BULLSHIT REVIEWS” when you remove negative feedback for this scam, I bought it and used it but you have removed my opinion, you obviously have some reason why you promote this rubbish instead of letting the paying public see the truth.

  6. ian - March 31st, 2011 at 1:15 pm

    I have tried to make money with affiliate x, but up to now nothing. Site is ok. information very good but neraly a month but no sales


  7. ian - March 31st, 2011 at 1:25 pm

    Generally they have been helpful and quick in responding, however the whole purpose for me was to make money. This is not happenning which really questions affiliate x. I would love to know and probably never will who is making money with this system. I,ll give it one more week, which is enough otherwise i,ll be asking for a refund.

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